Wahey, you seem to have stumbled onto my home page.

Welcome to www.chasmer.com my very old and slightly broken site, previously hosted by freenetname: www.kaosuk.co.uk, demon: www.kaosuk.co.uk and city uni.

(page last updated: 06/02/2000).

The standard blurb:-

Hi, I'm Rob, or Chas, or whatever you want to call me, and this is my home page. You may have a browse around if you like, and hopefully, improve your whole outlook on life! Many thanks to some of my friends who originally introduced me to the web back in 1995.
Well what can you do here? You can check out some of my favourite links, read some jokes, have a play with my 3d virtual worlds, and if your an Acornite try my Acorn page. These pages need work, I know, and if anyone has any great ideas, pictures, textures, acorn apps, amazing links, then please let me know!

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Here's a brief summary of my site:-

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